Preschool & Kindergarten Basic Curriculum 10-Book Bundle Set

3-in-1 Set includes Reading, Tracing & Coloring Practice for:

✅Alphabet Numbers Shapes Colors ✅All About Me ✅My Family Book ✅Emotions I Feel ✅Baby Animals ✅Foods I Like ✅Things that Go ✅Around the House ✅My Body Parts ✅Community Helpers

Are you worried because ....

❌... your child is struggling to keep up with their grade level?
❌... you have
no idea what to teach your child or how to do it?

❌... your child becomes frustrated during learning sessions?
❌... you haven't yet established a consistent daily learning schedule for your child?
❌... you lack the time or resources needed to organize your child's daily lessons?

Unlock Your Child's Academic Potential with This 10-Book Bundle Set

So your child can ...

✔️Surpass their grade level with confidence ... without ever doubting their abilities
✔️Be excited about learning in school ... without  losing their natural curiosity
Master the 13 most essential pre-k & kindergarten concepts efficiently ... without wasting time on ineffective worksheets
Embark on their academic journey confidently ... without feeling overwhelmed

✔️Learn their Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes, Colors & much more ... without ever falling behind in school

As Easy As ... 1...2...3!

Just Print ... Read, Trace & Color!

How it Works:

Step 1:

Just Print ...  Read & Learn Easy Simple Large-Font Text:

✔️ Big letters make it easy for your child to read.

✔️ Quick facts help your child learn faster.

✔️ Helps your child learn the essential concepts.

Step 2:

Trace Simple Words from 10 Pre-school/Kindergarten Essential Topics:

✔️ Helps with hand & eye coordination

✔️ Gets your child ready for preschool or kindergarten

✔️ Tracing makes learning more interactive

Step 3:

Let your Child Relax & Color as a Reward:

✔️ Makes your child feel relaxed after reading and tracing.

✔️Helps your child associate learning with fun

✔️ Use coloring as a treat after reading and tracing well.

Help your child master the 13 Most Essential Pre-K & Kindergarten Skills 

... without the hassle of overwhelming worksheets and tedious drills!

Ten comprehensive book topics tailored to your child's individual growth... so your child can master key skills ... no more academic challenges

Short, quick lessons designed for maximum retention... so your child can quickly grasp concepts ... no more meltdowns with lengthy sessions

✅ A total of 500+ ready-to-print pages at your fingertips... just print to get started right away  ... no more wasting time trying to find the right worksheet!

Reading, Tracing & Coloring practice for well-rounded development.. so your child can thrive academically ... no more self-doubt or feeling left behind

Covers 13 essential pre-k and kindergarten topics ...perfect to supplement your child's existing curriculum  ... no more gaps in learning

Print & start using right away... even busy parents can easily incorporate it into their daily routines ... no more struggles with running out of time

Here's Everything you Get for $47

Only $17

Prepare Your Child to

Master the 13 Most Essential

Pre-school/Kindergarten Topics

... So They Can Thrive in School and Beyond!



Shapes &


All About Me

My Family


Baby Animals

Foods I Like

Things that Go

House Objects

Body Parts

Community Helpers

Bonus #1 & 2

Bonus #3 & 4

1 Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes & Colors Book ($10 Value):

Build foundational knowledge with uppercase and lowercase alphabet, numbers, recognition of shapes & colors

1 All About Me Book ($10 Value)
Encourage self-expression and self-awareness, fostering a strong sense of identity

1 My Family Book ($10 Value)
Promote family bonding and understanding, nurturing essential family values

1 Emotions I Feel Book ($10 Value)
Help children identify and manage their emotions, leading to better emotional intelligence

1 Baby Animals Book ($10 Value)
Explore the wonders of the animal kingdom and instill a love for nature

1 Foods We Love Book ($10 Value)
Introduce healthy eating habits and expand culinary awareness

1 Things that Go Book ($10 Value)
Spark curiosity about transportation and modes of travel, enhancing early interest in STEM

1 Around the House Book ($10 Value)
Foster an understanding of home life and daily routines, promoting independence and responsibility

1 My Body Parts Book ($10 Value)
Teach kids about their own bodies, creating awareness of health and well-being

1 Community Helpers Book ($10 Value)
Inspire respect for various professions and the importance of helping others in the community


BONUS #1: The Little Champion Reader® Positive Affirmation Tracing ($10 Value)

BONUS #2: The Little Champion Reader® Animal Tracing Facts ($10 Value) ​

BONUS #3: The Little Champion Reader® Space Tracing Facts ($10 Value)
BONUS #4: The Little Champion Reader® Dog Tracing Facts ($10 Value)

That’s a total of 10 Pre-School/Kindergarten Curriculum Books with over 500+ printable pages, 250+ reading passages, 250+ tracing words, 150+ coloring pages... Including 4 Bonuses  

... All Valued at over $120!

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"As a homeschooling parent, I'm always on the lookout for quality resources. This bundle has been a game-changer for us. It's structured perfectly for early education, and my kids absolutely love it!"

- Homeschooler Parent

"I can't thank the creator enough for this wonderful bundle. My child used to struggle with basic skills, but with these books, they've made incredible progress. It's made a huge difference in our home."

- Stay-at-home mother

"I highly recommend this curriculum to all kindergarten teachers. It aligns perfectly with early learning goals, and it's made my job easier. The kids adore the activities, and their skill development is remarkable."

- Kindergarten Teacher

Little Champion Reader® Preschool & Kindergarten Basic Curriculum 10-Book Bundle Set (Only $47 $17):

  • Little Champion Reader® Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes & Colors Book ($10 Value) 

  • Little Champion Reader® All About Me Book ($10 Value)

  • Little Champion Reader® My Family Book ($10 Value) 

  • Little Champion Reader® Emotions I Feel Book ($10 Value)

  • ​Little Champion Reader® Baby Animals Book
    ($10 Value)

  • ​Little Champion Reader® Foods We Love Book
    ($10 Value)

  • ​Little Champion Reader® Things that Go Book
    ($10 Value)

  • ​Little Champion Reader® Around the House Book
    ($10 Value)

  • ​Little Champion Reader® My Body Parts Book
    ($10 Value)

  • ​Little Champion Reader® Community Helpers Book
    ($10 Value)

  • BONUS #1: The Little Champion Reader® Positive Affirmation Tracing ($10 Value) 

  • ​BONUS #2: The Little Champion Reader® Animal Tracing Facts ($10 Value) 

  • ​BONUS #3: The Little Champion Reader® Space

    Tracing Facts ($10 Value)

  • BONUS #4: The Little Champion Reader® Dogs Tracing Facts ($10 Value)

“Helped my child build a strong foundation in various skills”

I'm a working mom, and finding time to work on my child's skills can be challenging. This bundle saved me time and helped my child build a strong foundation in various essential skills. The activities are engaging and have been a lifesaver.

- Busy Working Mom

Just imagine ...

... 😃 Your child excited about learning and wanting to know more.

... 😃 How relaxed and stress-free you'll be, knowing your child is doing great in school, even ahead of their classmates.

... 😃 Your child easily catching up with their peers and being one of the top students in their class.

... 😃 The happiness and confidence you'll feel as your child becomes really good at learning.

... 😃 Your child learning to study on their own, becoming more responsible.

... 😃 The joy when you receive great progress reports from their school.

... 😃 Your child feeling really proud and confident because they're doing so well in their class.

Hi, I'm Nida!

I created the Preschool & Kindergarten Basic Curriculum 10-Book Bundle Set to save you time so you can focus more on helping your child flourish academically and overcome any learning hurdles.

This means you can get started right away, boosting your child's learning skills, helping them not only catch up to their grade level, but to excel in their class!

The price is only $17 so you can invest in your child's future without breaking the bank.  I hope this helps and please don't forget to share your child's progress with me!

To your child's success,


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